Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend rundown

Ok, it's only Sunday morning but I feel like I need some perspective from my weekend. I have been off work since Thursday and Adam had Friday completely free, too, so it seems the weekend has just kept going.

Usually I try, like most people I'm sure, to get accomplished on the weekends what falls by the wayside during the work week. Working part-time, this also applies to my days off during the week. Well, today I'm feeling a little disappointed. Despite three full days off, I'm not happy with what I accomplished. Mostly, I woke up and headed to the kitchen for breakfast and was confronted by messes on the coffee table, dining table, and in the sink. What happened? These piles are supposed to get smaller during the weekend, not bigger. So what DID I do this weekend?

I spent a lot of quality time with my family. On Friday, Adam and I toured some model homes thinking about buying our own place sometime soon. On Saturday, we went to Navarre beach to check out the Navarre Fun Fest and spent the afternoon eating our picnic lunch and getting pounded by waves in the Gulf of Mexico. We stayed in last night and watched Slumdog Millionaire from Netflix. Skelly and I took walks Friday and Saturday morning, and if the weather cooperates, we were planning on taking him to the dog beach this afternoon.

I stayed pretty active. Adam and I ran on Friday AND did our reps for "Hundred Pushups." Adam was still crazy sore from our exhaustion test Wednesday, so he did knee pushups. :) Saturday I didn't do anything organized, but splashing in the ocean is not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Today, I did a video workout and later I'll corral Adam for some more pushups. I didn't do so well making healthy eating choices (Papa John's, anyone?), but it could have been a lot worse.

Finally, I scrapbooked A LOT. I really wanted to dig into the awesome new supplies I got last week, and now most of it is gone. Well, not gone, but cut and organized and glued into several scrapbook pages that I will keep forever. :) I definitely think I got my moneys worth. Here are two pages I worked on this weekend, and I promise there will be many more over the next week as I get them "processed" into blog photos. I've been struggling a little bit to design my own pages, almost all of the stuff I did this weekend were based on sketches or other scrapbookers' work I found online. Honestly, though, I pretty much love most of the pages I put together with them, so I think that's OK with me.

"Dino Chew" is based on Sketch 50 at Creative Scrappers. They post a new sketch and a TON of interpretations every Sunday.

"Ghent" is all me....which is probably why I don't like it that much.

Seeing this list, I'm a lot less disappointed. Yes, there are still beach towels strewn across my dining room table, but is that the best way to measure the success of my weekend. Probably not. I should measure it instead in moments like this: me and Adam showing off our blue tongues from the food coloring in the cake frosting after church this morning. This is what a good weekend looks like.

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