Monday, May 25, 2009

Nap Time

What's the logical way to spend your afternoon if you fell asleep around 10pm and slept for almost 10 hours? Probably not take a nap. Unless you're like me and fall prey to the "too much sleep makes you sleepy" rule. As usual, it's left me feeling a little disappointed in what I've managed to accomplish (not much), but I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. To be fair, my weekend was pretty full with working, so today is like the first day of my "weekend." You're allowed to take it a little easy on the first day of your weekend. Also, by some quirk of the Hallmark scheduling gods, I'm not working again til Saturday, so I have plenty of time to tackle my to-do list.

My scrapbooking has been fairly steady this week, even with working a little more than usual and a lack of inspiration from my stash of stuff. I even entered some online scrapbooking challenges, which was one of my New Years' Resolutions (the other was to try making a mini-book - that one's still out there).

I submitted "Easter '09" for the Get Sketchy challenge at Crop Addict. The sketch I chose had 3 vertical pictures, but I combined them all together to fit my one 5x7.

Can you tell that I made this page about my 24th birthday right after? I hadn't cleared the paper scraps off my table yet, so I decided to recycle them into this page. I used my Slice to cut the big numbers. I submitted this one for the Scrapbook Challenges Blog Hop Sketch challenge.

I really love the idea of online challenges like these. By submitting I'm entered in a draw for some scrapbooking goodies, but if I don't win, I've still got a great page for my albums. There really is no down side.

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