Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Great Mood

Last night I went to bed in a great mood. I'm still feeling it today. Yesterday was not a perfect day, by any means, but I spent time with my husband and puppy, talked to my mom for a long time AND it stopped raining just in time to take my run before dinner. Sure, I didn't do all of the dishes or finish the laundry I started, but that's OK.

Here's a page I finished a while ago. I wasn't feeling it at first, but now I think I really like it. I really struggle to make Air Force pages without using red, white and blue, but I that's something I should work on in the future. If they're all red, white and blue they all look the same.

Gotta run to make my lunch for work. My goals today are just to finish the laundry and get my Mother's Day gifts mailed. Tomorrow I'm off again and I'm going to have to take a 4-hour online driving course so my insurance doesn't go up because of my ticket. I'm super not-excited. Today's good mood can only go so far.

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