Monday, May 4, 2009

Playing Catchup

It seems like it's all I ever do. I'm sure other people agree.

Turns out I had a memory glitch when I wrote my last post on Saturday. I DID have to work on Sunday. Almost all day, actually. And I had to wake up earlier than usual to go to early church in order to make it to work at noon. All in all, not a very relaxing weekend. The Hallmark store was VERY busy both days, or at least it seemed that way because there were only two of us scheduled. I actually prefer when things are busy since time seems to go by faster, but it does wear you out.

I did manage to put together one scrapbook page last night while Adam was scrambling to finish his homework, but it's sitting on a pile with a couple more pages that still have to be glued up. So I did celebrate National Scrapbook Day/Weekend in my own tiny way. And I finally edited the pics of some pages I made up last weekend. They're still not perfect, but I'm OK with that.

This first one goes along with my post a few days ago about running. I had Adam snap some pictures after a run last week. I'm modeling the running capris that I bought at an honest to goodness running store. I was a little shocked that the sky didn't fall when I went in there, and even more shocked when the owner took me completely seriously when I explained that I was just starting running and didn't want shorts because "chub rub" is annoying and painful. I do hope that someday in the not too distant future I'll be able to purchase and use a pair of running shorts.It's just too damn hot here in Florida.

This page is way overdue. I snapped these pictures the first time Apollo came to our house to play with Skeletor (umm...almost 2 months ago?). He is A LOT bigger now. I took another picture a while ago of Logan holding Apollo again and you can really tell the difference. It's about time for another pic I think. Once he's full grown I'll have to try to make a growth chart page.

Finally, this is 10 Random Things About Skeletor. I made Adam and Mary versions in January (they were some of my last pages before we moved) and I've had a list made up for Skeletor since then just waiting. For some reason, this one took A LONG time, and I'm not super thrilled with the outcome, but I'm glad that it's done. I cut the numbers with my Slice.

Not much exciting planned for the day. I need to get in my run, but the weather may or may not cooperate. There's severe weather north of us, so we've got flood and tornado watches. So far it hasn't rained here, but I'm not holding my breath. Sigh. Maybe I'll go to base and run on a treadmill? I don't know.

Also, we're extremely broke already, and it's only the 4th. Sweet.

But I don't want to end on a bad note. We're fine. My fridge had gotten so sad and empty toward the end of the month and now it's awesomely full after a trip to the commissary yesterday. I'm going to go rummage around for some lunch. That'll cheer me up.

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