Friday, May 22, 2009

A little uninspired

I generally believe that attitude is a big indicator of success and that it has tremendous carryover. Let me explain a little. In my experience, things are a lot easier to accomplish if I go into them with a positive attitude or the expectation to succeed. I also think that a positive attitude about one thing, like running, will contribute to a positive attitude about another thing, like job hunting. It's just mentally harder to by upbeat about one thing and depressed about another.

Inspiration, however, does not seem to follow the same rules of carryover. For the past few days, answering the dreaded "What's for dinner?" has been pretty simple. I've looked at my dwindling supplies in the pantry and fridge and been inspired to use up what we have and be mindful of what will go bad fastest. I love the feeling of knowing what's for dinner tonight AND having a few ideas for tomorrow up my sleeve.

The same can not be said of my wardrobe. I am decidedly NOT inspired by the lack of good choices in there. The same goes for my scrapbooking. Since I used up most of my new goodies from Croppin' Corner, I have not been excited or inspired by my stash of stuff. I just keep seeing the same ugly paper I bought 3 years ago and wondering what I ever thought I was going to make with it.

I'm sure I'll get past this phase in all of its forms. Getting dressed and getting scrappy will get easier (especially if I can make a few small additions) and making dinner will surely get more difficult. As long as I can keep a generally upbeat ATTITUDE, I'm sure I'll be able to navigate little slumps in inspiration.

It also helps that I still have a backlog of scrapbook pages to post, so it makes me feel inspired and productive, even if I'm not. :)

This photo came out just a little blurry (grrr), but you still get the idea. It's based on sketch #29 at Pink Sketches.

This is taken from a sketch at Creative Scrappers, but I don't remember which one right now. :( All of their sketches are pretty great. And yes, this is a page for my "study abroad" album, which I'm still not even close to done with. Whatever, it was only about four years ago.

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