Friday, May 8, 2009

Delicious snacks!

I decided it was time for an altogether more light-hearted post. So I thought I would compose an ode to my new favorite snack:

Wholly guacamole (100-calorie pack) + baby carrots (lots of them) = pure deliciousness.

Seriously, go talk to your math teacher. I'm sure he'll back up my mathematical reasoning. Why did I never try this before about 3 weeks ago? Why did I always assume I didn't like guacamole? I could not have been more wrong. This is super-healthy, and that's honestly why I tried it in the first place. (Now, I know there are plenty of people who would avoid it for the fat content in the guac/avocado, but I just have to put my 2 cents in here. The fat is the best kind of fat, the kind you body needs: from natural plant sources and paired with the avocado's fiber and nutrients. That's why I specifically eat the Wholly guacamole. It's ingredient list is short and pronouceable, and it's the closest thing to homemade you can buy pre-made.) I was completely hooked the second time I had it. Now I think about it/reach for it when I want something delicious, not only when I'm thinking about making a healthy choice. I think that's awesome.

In other, less avocado-stuffed, news, yesterday was pretty busy but productive. I went to the courthouse to handle my driving class paperwork and to pay my tickets and I'm ALMOST done with the whole drama. All I have to do is mail them my official class completion certificate when I get it. After that stop (which was blessedly short), I got to make a more pleasant stop. The scrapbook store in Fort Walton Beach was having 30% off the whole store starting yesterday and I still had $34 in credit left from my birthday present from Briana. I got a ton of stuff and only spent $18. So I get to go back for more free stuff some other time. :) Adam and I even had time after that to get to the gym on base and play raquetball for about 30 minutes before he had to drop me off at work. We haven't been able to play as much since we started the running routine, so it was a nice little change of pace. I worked until close so I wasn't home until after 10, but Adam brought Skeletor when he came to pick me up and it was a much nicer commute home than usual.

Today Adam has his first intro briefs for starting his FTU so he's pretty excited. He can't wait to get up there and fly. I'm glad he's happy, but I know it's just one step closer to him being deployed. :( Oh well, worrying about isn't going to help anything.

Might as well go forage for some lunch.

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