Saturday, May 9, 2009

My house

Both sets of parents have been bugging us for awhile to post pictures of the outside of the house we're renting here in Florida. I'll get them up on Flickr soon (but not too soon, I'm working pretty solid today through Monday), but until then I thought I'd post them here. I couldn't really think of anything else fascinating to write about; I've been kind of cranky and out of it since I got back from my very hot and tiring walk with Skeletor this morning. At least I have two days of rest from running.

The front elevation. (Notice Skelly sniffing around the mailbox plants.)

The front door.

View of the backyard from the southeast corner of the trees.

The patio. Big doors on right go to living room. Smaller doors on left go to master bedroom. Pooper-scooper readily available in the corner between them.

The nasty drainage creek (on the left) and the wilderness behind our house.

Thanks for looking.

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