Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Too many hobbies

I've been thinking for awhile that I simply have too many hobbies.

I mean, things would be a whole lot easier if I just had one hobby, like scrapbooking. Just keeping up with everyday life is complicated enough: running errands, cooking meals, taking care of the dog, paying bills, getting to work on time and thousands more little tasks compete for my time and attention (not to mention money) every day. If scrapbooking was my only hobby, once I finished (ha!) my daily chores, I would sit down at my desk and make some pages. Case closed.

In reality, when I get a free moment, I might make a scrapbook page, I might read my book, I might check the blogs I follow, I might go for my run, I might look over some of my French stuff, I might watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica with Adam, I might post to this blog, or I might just let my head explode wondering what I should do. The problem is that I really enjoy all of those things. And I think that variety is a wonderful thing. I don't really WANT to give up everything else that I like for scrapbooking or any other single hobby. This is why my blog I so all over the place. It's not just a scrapbook blog because I'm not just a scrapbook person.

Which is all fine and good, but sometimes having too many hobbies messes with my head. I just can't get over the feeling that I'm always neglecting SOMETHING. If I'm really diligent on my running routine, I spend less time scrapbooking. If I get a whole afternoon to scrap, I barely look at my book all day. There's always a trade-off and I can't help feeling a little like I missed out on something. It also makes me feel sometimes like I can't accomplish enough. "Sure, I did the dishes, took Skelly on a walk, finished week 4 in my running program and made dinner for the two of us, but I didn't scrap at all or post to my blog. I should've done more."

I'm trying to get over this. The logical part of me recognizes that it's impossible and not really advisable to do everything every day. It's just getting the over-achiever in me to stop WANTING to do everything every day. It's the same part of me that wants to call the whole day a complete failure if one part of it didn't go perfectly. It's not logical at all, but it makes perfect sense in my head.

This is kind of the part that I'm stuck at. I know that it's silly to resent the time I spend on one hobby as taking time away from another, but I don't really know how to get rid of the gut feeling.

Maybe more thoughts on this later...

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