Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Night Football...alone

Yep, Adam has to work at the squadron duty desk tonight, so I'll be rustling around for some dinner and watching the game all by myself. Once I get a few more things knocked off my to-do list I'll settle in and hopefully do some scrapping during the game with the big coffee table all to myself.

I went to my local scrapbook store today (it's more than 30 minutes away, so not very local and I've only been about 3 times since we've lived here) because they had 40% off everything but cardstock today. It sounds like they're having trouble staying open, so I hope this wasn't my last trip there.

With all my new goodies and my free time tonight, next on my list of priorities is hooking up my printer somewhere so I can print a few new pictures to use. Since I can't think of anything else to report, I'll just upload some more pages I had finished before the move.

I like the way this simple page came out. The sticker with the Pledge of Allegiance came on a sheet of stickers I bought a while back and was one of those that looked really cute in the stores, but then when I got it home I thought, "When am I ever going to want to use a sticker with the Pledge of Allegiance?" It still may be a little weird, but I like what it adds to the page. I went with using it in a general patriotic way instead of specifically on a page about the Pledge or something.

I used this sketch at Pink Sketches for this page, but it's not my favorite. I DO like how the pink border on top of the blue kind of looks like cake frosting and kind of ties into the page. I made cakes for a dessert to serve during the Super Bowl and Briana and I decorated them for the teams playing. Her cake was clearly better since her team, the Steelers, won. That meant we dug into that one first.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pictures! (Bedroom)

First off, WOOOO! Football! My Bears pulled it out and the end AND I'm officially 3-0 in my fantasy league! I love it!

We went out Friday to McGuire's for a CSO get-together and that was fun. Mostly the later part hanging out with Brian and his girlfriend. I had to work last night, so it was less exciting. I did finish the new Dan Brown book The Lost Symbol that Adam bought last week. It was definitely entertaining and I liked it. Very similar to The DaVinci Code, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I've been doing a little bit of scrapping and gluing while watching football today (I'm not glued to the TV since neither of our teams were being shown here in Florida.), AND since now I know where my camera cord is, hopefully I'll have some new pages to share soon. All I need now is my printer hooked up and my long-term furniture solution and I'll be a happy, scrappy camper.

Until then, here's the other half of the pictures of our new furniture: our bedroom!

This is the view when you walk in. (Sorry for the crappy lighting.)

Here's a good look at the QUEEN-SIZED bed. :) No, the sheet set didn't come with the puggle, but this is his new favorite spot to be found. Or more accurately, his new favorite spot is directly in the middle of the pile of pillows. He's a sucker for anything soft and cushy.

A close-up on the sheets and the puggle. We still need to find a lightweight blanket to match for when it gets a little cooler.

This is my bedside table to the right of the bed and the new location of Skelly's bed (AKA our old sheet set's comforter). He's doing pretty well getting used to sleeping there.

A shot of my dresser. I LOVE the big mirror.

This is the media console and our SECOND HDTV. 32" is so awesome in the bedroom. And I really love the way the furniture looks in our bedroom. It looks really good and just makes sense in the space.

Finally, here is a view over the bed to Adam's chest and bedside table. The drawers aren't quite as deep as our old furniture, but we have extra drawers in the media console so it's all good. This morning, Adam and I were hanging out watching the news a little before getting out of bed and he said, "I love our grown-up furniture." I totally agree.

I can't resist sharing this picture. First of all, I love how his toy matches our sheets so well. And second I love his coy little look with his head facing away but his eyes still looking at me. I just love my little boy.

That's about all for now. I think it's about time to fire up the grill for some cheeseburgers to enjoy before the night game.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pictures! (Living room)

Adam found my camera/computer cord! Yay! So I cleaned up (as best as I could with half of the room still filled with old furniture) and took some pictures of our new furniture in the living room and bedroom. Here's what our new living room looks like:

This is what you see on the right when you come into the living room from the front door. Our couch is so much bigger than our last one and very soft and comfy. Then there's the chaise and the coffee table, too. The only thing we want to add is a nice solid bookcase or something in the dead space in the corner between the couch and chaise. Right now it's hiding Adam's Playstation and other game systems until he decides what to do with them.

Here's what the couch and chaise are all facing towards. Hooray for HDTV and our classy little media console. The doors swing out for tons of DVD storage. Notice the empty bottom shelf hopefully to hold a surround sound system sometime in the near future. :)

Here's a close-up of the couch and coffee table. The throw pillows were included when we bought it. Try to ignore the boxes still piled on the other side of the room. :)

And a close-up of the chaise. It's covered in microfiber, so it kind of changes color depending on the light or which way you brush it.

This is the coolest feature of our coffee table. You can be sitting there with a snack or something and think, "Dang! That's kind of far away. Oh wait, BAM! It's right in my face." :)

And here's a look from the kitchen into the living room. This is probably my favorite part about this house's layout - the openness from kitchen to living room.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today I...

I kind of forget that I still have a stack of scrapbook pages to share. It seems like since I'm still not in a new routine, I've completely lost my old routine. Anyway, it's late and I'm ready for bed, so here's 2 pages I made last month and a quick run-down of what we did today.
  • Picked up Adam's car from having an oil change
  • Got a few things at the commissary
  • Made beans and zucchini for lunch
  • Did some dishes
  • Convinced Adam not to take a nap and go shopping in P-cola instead
  • Forgot the HDMI cable we were going to return to Best Buy
  • Looked at 3 stores for scrapbooking desks and didn't find anything super promising
  • Got dessert before dinner at TCBY
  • Came home and made a quick frozen skillet
  • Made a scrapbook page about Skelly's favorite birthday presents
  • Intend to read some more of Dan Brown's new book before bed

This is our little Monkey in the WWI trenches in Ieper, Belgium. After I figured out how to cut the paper so you could still read the words properly, the page came together really quickly and I like it.

This is another pretty quick page of Adam and his best man, Jon, on the wedding day. I like using more than one picture on a wedding page since I have SO MANY of that day. I've made a lot of pages using a single photo because I want to showcase the really nice photography, but at that rate I'll never document the whole story.

Mission blog post: accomplished. I'm out.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Guess what I did today?

Actually, a lot of things.

What I'm most excited about though is that I made a scrapbook page. Yay! I stopped at Target after work on Saturday, and when I just happened to walk through the scrapbooking aisle I found an album kit (matching album, paper, stickers, etc.) on clearance. It was the perfect thing to let me put together some pages without having to pull out ALL of my stuff.

On top of that, I got my home phone working again and called the cable company to get the low-down on getting HD service on our brand-new, totally awesome, best housewarming present ever. I already love the 42" beauty on our new entertainment console, and it's only going to get better when all of our sports and TV are in HD.

Throw in a load of laundry, a few boxes unpacked and a healthy dose of kitchen clean-up and I'd call this a pretty good day off. Add special deals at Papa John's for Military Appreciation Week and Monday Night Football and I think it's going to get even better.

Oh, and I won my second fantasy football matchup in a row. :) It's been a good day.

Friday, September 18, 2009


If I still needed any more proof that I am an adult and getting old, here it is: my absolute JOY in finally having my new furniture delivered.

It. is. awesome.

I took a whole bunch of pictures yesterday after Adam and I got everything put in exactly the right spot, but since I have yet to unpack my cord that transfers pictures to my computer I don't have any to upload here. Soon, I promise. I'm really loving how it fills up the space and makes it feel homey. And probably the best part is that the coffee table pops up to table height and I have devious plans to use it as a makeshift scrapping table until we pick out a permanent solution for me. :)

There's not much else to report right now. I'm off today, so I've got big plans for laundry and unpacking. I'd also like to lace up my shoes and take a first run around the new neighborhood, so hopefully the rain and the heat will cooperate.

Monday, September 14, 2009

...and we're back!

San Antonio was a lot of fun! Briana's family is really nice and she swept the Nav school awards (not surprised). We had a lot of good meals and good catching up time and we even stayed out until 4:30am on Friday night. Skeletor had an awesome time at Camp Bow Wow, and was even able to spend some time with us and his Aunt Briana at a barbeque on Saturday. I am really impressed at how much more relaxed he has gotten as he's gotten older. He did great traveling in the car (12 hours each way) and with the kids at the barbeque.

I was surprised at how weird it felt to be back where we used to live. Adam and I felt so old remembering the stuff we used to do "way back" when we lived there (6 months ago). Being back at home is kind of weird, too, since we're still not completely comfortable here. Boxes are still unpacked, I don't remember where I've put stuff away, and our new furniture won't be delivered until Thursday so we're still sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I really want everything set up and finished, but it's so hard when we don't have the big pieces in place yet. Plus, it's just overwhelming sometimes and hard to know where to begin. But I shouldn't complain. We have plenty of time to get things the way we want them; we're not going anywhere anytime soon.

I'm really missing scrapbooking recently. I think it would help give me a break from thinking about the house. Right now, there's not much I can do at home but watch TV (on our small bedroom TV sitting on the mattress on the floor) or unpack/organize the house. It's kind of boring. Buying new furniture so I can set up a space to scrapbook here is next on the list, but I still don't know exactly what I'm looking for. I don't have a clear picture of what I need or what would work in the space. Maybe I'll start looking up desks and tables online.

Until I get that all hammered out, I'll have to be content with looking back through my albums and posting my backlog of pages here.

This is Adam and me at Texas Land & Cattle for Valentine's Day this year, only about 5 days before we moved to Florida. There's not much story to the picture other than that, so I kept it simple.

I found these "old" pictures of me and Adam at a Nationals game our senior year at AU and decided to scrap them. I think it came out pretty well with just one little scrap of patterned paper. I REALLY need more red, white and blue supplies considering that my husband is in the military and our school colors were red, white and blue.

Well, I think it's about time to do just a little more unpacking and settle in to watch the final of the US Open...and then a Monday Night Football double-header. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

In San Antonio!

Yay! We made it to San Antonio in just about 12 hours of driving yesterday. Skeletor was very good in the car and slept nice with Aunt Briana on her couch last night. Now we're getting ready to take him to Camp Bow Wow for a few nights and meet Briana's parents later.

I don't know if I'll have time to update the rest of the weekend, but we should be home sometime on Monday.

Hooray for being on vacation!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

So much has happened!

And I feel like I haven't had a second to sit back and reflect on it (or share it on my blog).

I'm happy to find a free moment today to update on all that's been going on. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share since I currently have no idea where my connection cord for the computer is. :) I'm sure it will turn up soon. Even when I do find it, I didn't manage to take any pictures of moving day or the first few days in the house. Especially last Saturday when we did most of the moving, I was running around absolutely non-stop and my mind was completely not on my camera. Since then, I've tried to take some pictures of the house-in-progress, and I definitely took some good pictures last night at Skelly's birthday party. I really wish I had my scrapbook stuff ready to go!

But....we're in our house! And that's what's really important. We had a little financial hiccup/scare on Thursday before we went in to sign our closing papers. We had been told that we were going to get all $1000 of our earnest money deposit back, but all of a sudden our realtor was calling us saying that lending rules had changed as of August 1 and we were going to have to bring $140 extra to the table and not get that $1000. Thankfully, a few hours of negotiations figured everything out and we did get the earnest money back.

We were originally told that we would be able to pick up the keys first thing on Friday morning when the paperwork became official. Turns out they really meant that we could have the keys as soon as all of the money had been wired and allocated into the right hands. Which meant that Adam had to leave for his training flight before they were ready at 1:30pm and I had to go over with a carload of stuff by myself. About halfway through unloading the boxes I went to flip a switch in the closet and saw that the light wasn't working. Oh wait, none of the lights were working. In fact, the power wasn't on at all. I wasn't about to stick around in a house with no A/C, so I went back to our rental and called the power company. Even though Adam had scheduled the changeover the week before, the guy I talked to said there was no record of any of that. He gave me a new account number and told me that it SHOULD get turned on later that day. The next 2 times I went back that afternoon it was still off (and HOT).

Meanwhile, I got a call from the cable company that they were over at the new house waiting to turn on the cable. I had been told they would come first to our rental house to pick up the equipment, so that's where I was. I hustled over as fast as I could, but it turned out that he couldn't set up our system with the power not turned on anyway. Oh well, he would be back in the area again the next morning.

It was a very draining day and almost nothing went the way that we had planned. But Adam and I were very happy to find at 8:30pm when he was back from his flight and we headed to the new place together for the first time that the power was finally back on. After unloading one more car-full and stopping at McDonald's for dinner we collapsed back at the rental house to rest up for an even busier day the next day: moving day.

Well, I think this is a long enough update for now. I need to get going with Adam to Lowe's to pick up some more stuff for our grill and garage. Hopefully tomorrow we'll go out and buy our mattress and furniture, but I might have time to post about moving day and our week since then.