Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pictures! (Bedroom)

First off, WOOOO! Football! My Bears pulled it out and the end AND I'm officially 3-0 in my fantasy league! I love it!

We went out Friday to McGuire's for a CSO get-together and that was fun. Mostly the later part hanging out with Brian and his girlfriend. I had to work last night, so it was less exciting. I did finish the new Dan Brown book The Lost Symbol that Adam bought last week. It was definitely entertaining and I liked it. Very similar to The DaVinci Code, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I've been doing a little bit of scrapping and gluing while watching football today (I'm not glued to the TV since neither of our teams were being shown here in Florida.), AND since now I know where my camera cord is, hopefully I'll have some new pages to share soon. All I need now is my printer hooked up and my long-term furniture solution and I'll be a happy, scrappy camper.

Until then, here's the other half of the pictures of our new furniture: our bedroom!

This is the view when you walk in. (Sorry for the crappy lighting.)

Here's a good look at the QUEEN-SIZED bed. :) No, the sheet set didn't come with the puggle, but this is his new favorite spot to be found. Or more accurately, his new favorite spot is directly in the middle of the pile of pillows. He's a sucker for anything soft and cushy.

A close-up on the sheets and the puggle. We still need to find a lightweight blanket to match for when it gets a little cooler.

This is my bedside table to the right of the bed and the new location of Skelly's bed (AKA our old sheet set's comforter). He's doing pretty well getting used to sleeping there.

A shot of my dresser. I LOVE the big mirror.

This is the media console and our SECOND HDTV. 32" is so awesome in the bedroom. And I really love the way the furniture looks in our bedroom. It looks really good and just makes sense in the space.

Finally, here is a view over the bed to Adam's chest and bedside table. The drawers aren't quite as deep as our old furniture, but we have extra drawers in the media console so it's all good. This morning, Adam and I were hanging out watching the news a little before getting out of bed and he said, "I love our grown-up furniture." I totally agree.

I can't resist sharing this picture. First of all, I love how his toy matches our sheets so well. And second I love his coy little look with his head facing away but his eyes still looking at me. I just love my little boy.

That's about all for now. I think it's about time to fire up the grill for some cheeseburgers to enjoy before the night game.

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