Monday, September 21, 2009

Guess what I did today?

Actually, a lot of things.

What I'm most excited about though is that I made a scrapbook page. Yay! I stopped at Target after work on Saturday, and when I just happened to walk through the scrapbooking aisle I found an album kit (matching album, paper, stickers, etc.) on clearance. It was the perfect thing to let me put together some pages without having to pull out ALL of my stuff.

On top of that, I got my home phone working again and called the cable company to get the low-down on getting HD service on our brand-new, totally awesome, best housewarming present ever. I already love the 42" beauty on our new entertainment console, and it's only going to get better when all of our sports and TV are in HD.

Throw in a load of laundry, a few boxes unpacked and a healthy dose of kitchen clean-up and I'd call this a pretty good day off. Add special deals at Papa John's for Military Appreciation Week and Monday Night Football and I think it's going to get even better.

Oh, and I won my second fantasy football matchup in a row. :) It's been a good day.

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