Sunday, September 6, 2009

So much has happened!

And I feel like I haven't had a second to sit back and reflect on it (or share it on my blog).

I'm happy to find a free moment today to update on all that's been going on. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share since I currently have no idea where my connection cord for the computer is. :) I'm sure it will turn up soon. Even when I do find it, I didn't manage to take any pictures of moving day or the first few days in the house. Especially last Saturday when we did most of the moving, I was running around absolutely non-stop and my mind was completely not on my camera. Since then, I've tried to take some pictures of the house-in-progress, and I definitely took some good pictures last night at Skelly's birthday party. I really wish I had my scrapbook stuff ready to go!

But....we're in our house! And that's what's really important. We had a little financial hiccup/scare on Thursday before we went in to sign our closing papers. We had been told that we were going to get all $1000 of our earnest money deposit back, but all of a sudden our realtor was calling us saying that lending rules had changed as of August 1 and we were going to have to bring $140 extra to the table and not get that $1000. Thankfully, a few hours of negotiations figured everything out and we did get the earnest money back.

We were originally told that we would be able to pick up the keys first thing on Friday morning when the paperwork became official. Turns out they really meant that we could have the keys as soon as all of the money had been wired and allocated into the right hands. Which meant that Adam had to leave for his training flight before they were ready at 1:30pm and I had to go over with a carload of stuff by myself. About halfway through unloading the boxes I went to flip a switch in the closet and saw that the light wasn't working. Oh wait, none of the lights were working. In fact, the power wasn't on at all. I wasn't about to stick around in a house with no A/C, so I went back to our rental and called the power company. Even though Adam had scheduled the changeover the week before, the guy I talked to said there was no record of any of that. He gave me a new account number and told me that it SHOULD get turned on later that day. The next 2 times I went back that afternoon it was still off (and HOT).

Meanwhile, I got a call from the cable company that they were over at the new house waiting to turn on the cable. I had been told they would come first to our rental house to pick up the equipment, so that's where I was. I hustled over as fast as I could, but it turned out that he couldn't set up our system with the power not turned on anyway. Oh well, he would be back in the area again the next morning.

It was a very draining day and almost nothing went the way that we had planned. But Adam and I were very happy to find at 8:30pm when he was back from his flight and we headed to the new place together for the first time that the power was finally back on. After unloading one more car-full and stopping at McDonald's for dinner we collapsed back at the rental house to rest up for an even busier day the next day: moving day.

Well, I think this is a long enough update for now. I need to get going with Adam to Lowe's to pick up some more stuff for our grill and garage. Hopefully tomorrow we'll go out and buy our mattress and furniture, but I might have time to post about moving day and our week since then.

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