Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day off! Yay!

We're only four days away from moving day, so this is not exactly shaping up to be the most relaxing of days off. I am excited about the idea that I don't have to cram in as much "doing stuff" as possible in the morning and early afternoon because I have to go into work at night. The only possible issue I have is that the property management company has said that they want to show this house to potential renters, maybe today, and I don't know when that will happen. And obviously, the house is not in ideal condition since I've got half-finished projects and boxes piled up just about everywhere, but I'll do my best just to make it as presentable as possible. I've still got a week before I hand over the keys, and I'm not worried about having it perfect by then, but today is another story.

Another little wrinkle in our moving plans has come up, too. Apparently all of the guys that we were counting on to help us move on Saturday have been invited to a wedding that night. So they'll be able to help us in the morning, but are probably going to have to cut and run to get ready sooner than we thought. I think we'll still be OK, since we only have a few pieces of furniture that really need more than just me and Adam to move and we can focus on those first. Let's hope so.

I still have plenty of scrapbook pages to post (according to my photo-organizing software I have 133 since starting the blog), so here's today's batch:

This is just an easy little page about our hike in Switzerland while we were studying abroad. I used a paper that already had a bunch of different stripes, so all I had to do was add the title, journaling and one more brown flower.

I loved this sketch at 52 Sketches, 52 Weeks and I love my page even more. I feel like it has just what it needs and nothing else. And that cute boy in the picture doesn't hurt either.

Well...now that my little break for updating is over I guess I'll get back to workin' it. The highlight of my day will be a trip to Walmart after lunch to get some lightbulbs and cleaning supplies. :) Gotta love being a real adult.

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