Sunday, August 23, 2009

So many good finds

Adam and I went out shopping yesterday before I had to go into work, and we were extremely successful. We found a TV that we liked for a good price, agreed really quickly on a mattress that we liked (and found out it will be 60% off right when we're looking to actual buy it), and even found bar stools, a scrapbooking desk, and possibilities for a grill and patio furniture that we were not specifically looking for. Oh, and we also saw a cheaper version of the sliding-door dog door that we had been considering at Petsmart. And we ordered our little boy a doggy birthday cake. :) He turns two on Saturday, but since that's our big moving day, we're going to have his doggy friends over to the house for a doggy party on the next Saturday. We'll give him some of his presents this weekend, though, like a new ball to play with in his new backyard.

Anyway, even though all that shopping made me pretty tired a work last night, it definitely put me in a good mood. Now all we have to do is figure out if we can afford all of the stuff we saw right away and what are the top priorities. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to consider that while the Hallmark store is empty today. :)

I'm off to walk the puppy and get in the shower before I head off to work. But first, here's just a couple more pages hanging out in my computer.

I used this sketch (from the Canadian site Scrapbook Star) for a page about Adam's "out and back" to Key West. Again, he is nowhere to be found in the pictures. :( You probably can't tell from the picture of the page, but the title is actually glued onto and old button that I found with Adam's childhood stuff. He had tons of really ugly buttons for no reason; they were not special at all. I was going to make him get rid of them when I realized that I could used them to add some dimension to my scrapbook pages. And voila, here it is.

I love this page and the sweet picture of me with puppy Skeletor. I copied this page that I had bookmarked months ago. I'm glad I went back and used it here since I think my page came out very nicely.

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