Sunday, August 2, 2009

No big news

Not working for the past few days has been relaxing but boring. Mike's girlfriend Lauren moved down last week with their beagle Jack and Skelly loves having a new friend up the street. We all had a fun evening tonight, and Adam and I scored an awesome free dinner because Lauren was baking up some lasagna. Even super picky Adam was loving it.

The best part of my relaxing but boring days has been plenty of time to scrap. I'm still working toward 100 pages. I know I have that many in my pile to be glued, but I don't count them until they're completely finished. If I get some time to glue tomorrow, I'll definitely get there. :)

I used a sketch for this one that I found at So Sketchy! I added the arrow because I felt like I needed to fill up some of the dead space but I didn't really have a lot of journaling to say about this picture. I'm not sure if it's perfect, but it's good enough.

I like this cute and funny page about my need of a haircut. Adam can't look at the picture without laughing out loud.

That's about all for now. Only one more day fully off, so I'd better get a lot done tomorrow. :)

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