Saturday, August 15, 2009

Life with TWO puppies

Yesterday and today we got a little taste of what life is like taking care of two puppies. Mike and Lauren went to New Orleans for the night, so we've been watching Jack for them. It's been working out pretty well; the only thing that's really tough is letting them out since we don't have a fence here and we only have one tie-out cable. I think it will be fun to have Jack stay over again once we've moved into the new place with a fence (and hopefully soon a doggy door). It's good practice if we're seriously thinking about getting another puppy for ourselves (and I think we are).

We left the little boys at home for a little bit and went to the movies last night, too. I definitely recommend that you go out and see District 9. It was a really interesting, unique alien movie. Even if you don't like alien movies, you should see it.

Finally, I promised in my last post that I would update on my scrapbook pages: today is day 123 and I have...123 pages! Yay! I don't have to work until 4pm today and we've just gotten back from taking the puppies on a walk, so hopefully I will have some quiet time to do a little bit more scrapping today. Probably next weekend I'll have to pack my stuff up. :( Until then, here's a couple more pages to share:

This page got a weird shadow on it when I photographed it. In real life, the blue background is all one color. At first, I only made this page with the title and the woven looking paper, but Adam told me it looked too bare, so I found the yellow flowered paper and cut out some of the pattern to give it a little something extra. I think he was right, I like this better now.

This is a cute little page of Adam's friends and flightmates on their snorkeling trip in Key West. I wish that he had gotten someone to take a picture of him, but it's too late now. My favorite part of the page is the layered circles with "08" inside.

Alright, now it's time to watch some women's tennis (woo US Open Series!), get in the shower, find some lunch and then get some packing done. Plus, find some time for scrapbooking. Wish me luck.

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