Thursday, August 6, 2009

100 pages!

Yay! I did it! Since I started this blog and began taking pictures of my scrapbook pages, I've made 100 pages. Actually, I hit 100 on Tuesday, and I've kept on gluing, so now I have 111 pages (yeah, I was pretty scrapbook focused the past few days). Woo!

And in case you hadn't figured it out yet, I'm a pretty huge nerd. So I calculated how many days it's been since my first blog post (April 15), and it's been 114 days. I am dangerously close to having made a page a day since I started the blog. Sounds like a challenge to me. My new goal is to catch up to "page-a-day" pace before I have to pack up all of my stuff for the move. I'm sure I'll miss at least a few days from my hobby doing all the moving, and I don't really expect to keep up the pace forever, but I think it'll be fun for another week or so.

Anyway, I may have that many pages finished, but I don't have that many posted, so I'd better get to work on that. Here are two fabulous pages featuring my big manly husband.

This first one is a pretty recent picture of Adam digging into the carton of ice cream. I picked the colors because they looked kind of cold to go with the ice cream theme, and I think they ended up looking really good with the colors of his blues uniform.

I based this page on another (way more girly) page I found here. You can't tell very well, but I used "pop dots" for the first time on this page, to make the little embellishment under the title look more layered and dimensional. I like the way it turned out.

Alright, it's getting time to make my dinner and head out to work. I did already make two pages today and I'm off tomorrow, so I'll be back with more to share soon.

Thanks for looking!

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