Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cookie dough is crazy delicious

And crazy dangerous. I'm pretty sure I just ruined my lunch. What is it about this substance that drives perfectly rational people to consume irrational amounts of the stuff? Of course, I blame the troops. If I hadn't baked cookies to send in care packages, I wouldn't ever have any leftover dough just hanging out in my fridge.

Sigh. What's done is done. At least I plan on running later. That's a start, right?

We got a little bit of late start yesterday, considering that Adam had to be back on base at 3pm. We didn't quite hit every stop and I ran around like crazy in Hobby Lobby trying to decide what to buy in 10 minutes. That being said, it was generally a nice day. Not sure what's on tap for today other than cleaning up after the cookie fest and continuing to pack. We've been talking about going to see Harry Potter again, and I'm hopeful I'll have some time to scrapbook. I'm super motivated now that I know I'm so close to 100 pages.

Here's the latest:

I'm pretty sure I love this one. I know it's really simple, but that's all it needs. I used this page as my inspiration. For some reason, I admire simplicity in other people's pages, but I feel like it looks like I took the easy way out on my pages. It's silly, though. I just need to get over it. p.s. I used my Slice Wedding card to cut the word "groom." I mostly wanted the Wedding card for the font and the shapes it makes, but I've still got plenty of pictures from my wedding and I'm sure this card will get lots more usage.

This page is not crooked, I promise. It's only my (lack of) photography skills. The most interesting thing about this page (I think) is that I didn't use any patterned paper. Also, other than the background paper, everything else was from my scraps pile. So pretty good, considering all that, eh? Notice that the title was cut (yet again) with my Slice Wedding card. :) I told you I would use the hell out of it.

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