Friday, July 31, 2009

Layout count

Drumroll please.....

Since I started this blog (first post on April 15) and started taking pictures of my scrapbook pages to share, I have made....

90 pages.

In 3.5 months. That seems like a lot. Even to me. And this doesn't count the 7-10 pages I've still got in the pile that just need to be glued together. Wow.

Alright, I'm sure no one else thinks that's interesting or cool, but I'm really impressed. Maybe I'd better stop blabbing and just post a couple of these numerous pages.

I wish you could see the photo on the page better online, because the face that Will is making is absolutely priceless. I was trying to recreate this page I found online, and I think it came out pretty well. I used the Wedding font with my Slice to cut the title AGAIN. My favorite part about using the die-cutter to make titles is that you always have exactly all the letters you need. When I went to glue this page, I couldn't find one of the "t's" for the title. I must have just gotten blown off the page while it was sitting on my desk. But no big deal. I still had a scrap of the black paper to just go back and cut another one. :)

I LOVE this page. First of all, the picture is came out really well, and I think the proportions of the picture fit really well with the rest of the page. I used this cute page as a guide, but obviously used a military theme instead. After about a week of cajoling, I managed to get Adam to write some thoughts and memories about his Detatchment Commander Colonel Taylor for the journaling, and I'm happy to get some of his perspective into my scrapbooking.

Adam had to go in early to give a PT test this morning, and he has to go back for some sort of brief at 3pm, but right now we're going to head to Pensacola to spend the rest of his birthday money and scheme over appliances and home improvement stuff at Lowe's. Maybe I can even convince him to stop at the Hobby Lobby up there. :)

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