Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to the grind...

My race is over, but my running is not. I'm still looking for another race to sign up for to really motivate me to keep moving (and moving faster!), but until then, I'll keep making things up as I go. I'm really hopeful that I won't lose momentum now that my big milestone is over.

I can also get back to the grind of scrapbooking today. I FINALLY got some more glue sticks yesterday! Yes! I wonder if two will be enough to tackle my backlog of pages, let alone any new ones I'm itching to work on. Especially since some very nice parents I know just sent me a new Slice design card for finishing my 5K. :)

I'll keep this short since there isn't much else to report. Adam and I are both off today, so I think we're going to head to Pensacola to pick up his birthday present: an XBOX 360. I'm so proud of him that he waited until he had time to play with it and saved up gift cards from Christmas to help pay for games instead of buying it right when it came out. Plus he can get a lot of good games cheaper by getting them used.

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