Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I feel like there's something I'm forgetting...

Oh yeah, blogging! I always have such high expectations of blogging, but then never get around to it. Well, I was thwarted from taking Skeletor on our walk this morning by a storm that decided to blow in just as we were leaving the house, so I think it must be a sign that I needed to come back inside and post this update.

My weekend was pretty quiet. Adam had to work furiously on his final paper for his first online grad class since he pretty much left it all for the last minute, but he did have no problem making the deadline on Sunday night and already got his grade for the class by Monday. Hooray! He got a 96.4. Good job, baby. Anyway, since he was busy I mostly did my own thing. I cleaned up a little, packed a little and wasted time on the computer a little. I did have to work on Saturday night, but on Sunday I got a little spurt of scrapbook momentum and put together about four pages. Yay! I think I'm going to take and edit some more pictures later today and get an estimate of my total page count since starting the blog.

I skipped the scrapbook pictures in my last post because there was picture overload as it was, so here's a peek today at what I've been clearing out of that big pile on my desk.

This page was done with the help of this sketch
posted on the Noel Mignon blog and also with the help of my pirate-wannabe husband. Since the picture is of him on a trip to Key West without me, I had to coerce him into writing the journaling since I didn't know the story behind the picture. (Though knowing him, I could guess.)

I like how this page turned out a lot. It was a little tricky to figure out how to make the inside cut out of the patterned paper using just my little trimmer, but I think it looks good. I also really like the photos and the kraft paper background. Usually dark brown is my go-to for a background, but I might have to start using kraft more often.

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