Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Profoundly tired

What is it about sitting quietly in the dark for three hours that makes you so exhausted? I don't know man, but I came out of the theater after watching Harry Potter and all I wanted was a nap. Fortunately, I was able to fight the feeling and still get a lot accomplished this afternoon. We went to a Jo-Anns on the way home and found albums I like (FINALLY!) on sale 40% off. Then we stopped at a bike store to order Adam a new post for his bike since the current one keeps slipping and screwing up his seat. Even once we made it back home I escaped the lure of my bedroom. We played with Skeletor, did some talking to banks about home loans AND I got out and ran for about 25 minutes. Now, after dinner and some TV time (along with some time putting pages into my new albums) I can literally feel my eyelids getting heavier. I will soon be tucking myself into bed, but not before I post a couple new pages.

This page came together really quickly with the help of this sketch from the Mix it Up! blog. I especially like the way the hand-drawn border lines came out, and I think you'll definitely see more of that in the future.

This one came together with the help of my pizza pan. I wanted to add a curve, so I traced my pizza pan onto the patterned paper. I thought I was pretty clever. :) As you can see, I used my new Slice design card again to cut the title. I still absolutely LOVE that font. I think the page LOOKS cool, but I also really love the picture and the story. I'm really glad to be including memories of other people in my life, not just me and Adam. I want to remember everybody that is important to our lives. I just know that I'll really appreciate this years down the road.

In another thought....the Harry Potter movie was flippin' awesome! Even Adam totally loved it. Money is a little tight right now, but I'm already thinking of reasons to go see it again. (Number one on the list is the crappy seats at the front of the theater that we had to sit in today. I'm sure it'll be even better at a reasonable distance.)

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