Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yesterday's post

Our internet has been acting up all day. It’s definitely not the most reliable, and today there were some wicked (but short, thankfully) storms that I’m sure didn’t help the problem. The point here is that I’m typing this up in Word so I can (hopefully) post this quickly tomorrow morning. See how dedicated I am?

Anyway, my lesson for today is that To Do Lists are awesome. I got so much done today, just by looking back over the list I made this morning and working (relatively) methodically to cross things off. I ran errands, I did dishes, I sorted laundry and I also finished my book and made 2.5 scrapbook pages. I also threw in a 24 minute run before dinner. Can you tell I’m excited? I’ve really been needing a day like today, where everything gets done and I start AND end the day in a positive mood. Unfortunately, it's the kind of day that makes for boring blogging. So I'll keep it short and just upload a couple pages I've glued in the past few days.

Meh. I don't know how I feel about this page. It's kind of lame. Mostly I just wanted to try to make a flat little bow with my ribbon and the rest of the page is secondary. It kind of shows. Oh well. The pictures are still really cute. I think Adam looks a lot younger in the picture of him, but I guess that makes sense since it WAS four years ago. Kind of a scary thought, actually.

Clearly, this one is awesome. My idea was just to make sure that the awesome picture did all the work. I used this page as a template for mine and just added the man figure and the border of words to make it more...me. Also, I love that this picture of my husband is now out in cyberspace for the world to see. I love him. He makes me smile everyday.

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