Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Night Football...alone

Yep, Adam has to work at the squadron duty desk tonight, so I'll be rustling around for some dinner and watching the game all by myself. Once I get a few more things knocked off my to-do list I'll settle in and hopefully do some scrapping during the game with the big coffee table all to myself.

I went to my local scrapbook store today (it's more than 30 minutes away, so not very local and I've only been about 3 times since we've lived here) because they had 40% off everything but cardstock today. It sounds like they're having trouble staying open, so I hope this wasn't my last trip there.

With all my new goodies and my free time tonight, next on my list of priorities is hooking up my printer somewhere so I can print a few new pictures to use. Since I can't think of anything else to report, I'll just upload some more pages I had finished before the move.

I like the way this simple page came out. The sticker with the Pledge of Allegiance came on a sheet of stickers I bought a while back and was one of those that looked really cute in the stores, but then when I got it home I thought, "When am I ever going to want to use a sticker with the Pledge of Allegiance?" It still may be a little weird, but I like what it adds to the page. I went with using it in a general patriotic way instead of specifically on a page about the Pledge or something.

I used this sketch at Pink Sketches for this page, but it's not my favorite. I DO like how the pink border on top of the blue kind of looks like cake frosting and kind of ties into the page. I made cakes for a dessert to serve during the Super Bowl and Briana and I decorated them for the teams playing. Her cake was clearly better since her team, the Steelers, won. That meant we dug into that one first.

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