Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today I...

I kind of forget that I still have a stack of scrapbook pages to share. It seems like since I'm still not in a new routine, I've completely lost my old routine. Anyway, it's late and I'm ready for bed, so here's 2 pages I made last month and a quick run-down of what we did today.
  • Picked up Adam's car from having an oil change
  • Got a few things at the commissary
  • Made beans and zucchini for lunch
  • Did some dishes
  • Convinced Adam not to take a nap and go shopping in P-cola instead
  • Forgot the HDMI cable we were going to return to Best Buy
  • Looked at 3 stores for scrapbooking desks and didn't find anything super promising
  • Got dessert before dinner at TCBY
  • Came home and made a quick frozen skillet
  • Made a scrapbook page about Skelly's favorite birthday presents
  • Intend to read some more of Dan Brown's new book before bed

This is our little Monkey in the WWI trenches in Ieper, Belgium. After I figured out how to cut the paper so you could still read the words properly, the page came together really quickly and I like it.

This is another pretty quick page of Adam and his best man, Jon, on the wedding day. I like using more than one picture on a wedding page since I have SO MANY of that day. I've made a lot of pages using a single photo because I want to showcase the really nice photography, but at that rate I'll never document the whole story.

Mission blog post: accomplished. I'm out.

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