Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where did the normal days go?

I am in desperate need of a normal day. It seems like I haven't had one in ages. I ended up falling asleep before 9pm on Monday because I laid down with some tummy problems. Yesterday, I felt mostly better, but running errands to Target and the Commissary and then work at night really chopped up my free time and I can't really think of anything I was able to accomplish other than those things.

Mostly, for a normal day, I just need my husband to go to work. :) He's been off pretty much all last week, and now this week, too. Apparently the scheduling people at Hurlburt have no idea what they're doing. They scheduled him for a class that isn't being offered until next week. Usually, it's a treat to have him home on a random weekday, but after a week and a half, it's really messing with my routine. When I'm alone, I don't have to worry about what's on his mind or his agenda. I don't have to plan what I want to do around what he wants to do. When he's home, I want to enjoy that time, so I sideline my chores and my to-do list. For a day that's fine. For a week, things are getting a little out of order.

Also, I'm SO READY to be done with this blister. It is such a lame "injury," but it's really cramping my lifestyle. I haven't walked Skeletor since Friday, I think. It's annoying to have to figure out another way to exercise him everyday, especially since the dog park is kind of far away. AND, it doesn't seem to be healing. If anything, it just keeps getting bigger. Sigh.

I think the lesson in this is that there's no such thing as a normal day. There's always going to be something to throw it off or change it up. And in the long run, that's probably a good thing. Something about today feels positive, though. There's rain in the forecast, so it might just be the perfect day to hunker down inside and finish some projects. As long as it doesn't rain out my run this evening, I'll be a happy camper. I'll end transmission with some of my latest pages to keep this good mood going.

Based on a sketch (I can't resist for too long) for Urban Anthology (a kit club) that I found here. I think it came out just OK, but it's no fair only posting the best ones, right?

Another one that's just OK. I'm not really good at boy pages. I mean, really, how do you make a scrapbook page "gansta." I'm pretty sure the answer is that you don't. This is based kind of loosely on sketch 14 at The Scrappiest. It seems like all of the sketches I like recently use vertical pictures, but I have very few of those. For this one, I just used a horizontal picture and adjusted the scale of stuff around it.

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