Saturday, June 6, 2009


I forgot to blog yesterday.

And I had to skip my run since the husband and I didn't get back from running our errands in Pensacola until dusk. And we were both extremely tired and hungry so we ordered take-out pizza.


Despite all that, and the fact that I'm heading to work in just a few minutes, I'm in a pretty great mood this morning. I've succeeded in making myself like oatmeal, and my breakfast this morning was very delicious. I've already walked the dog and I'm only working until 5, so I know making up my run this evening will be no problem. I've also got some scrapbook pages to share and I'm happy to say that they are now all safely tucked away in plastic page protectors because one of yesterday's errands was to hit Hobby Lobby where page protectors were 50% off. And let's just say that when stuff is 50% off, it's a lot easier to justify buying some extras to the husband. :)

I made this one awhile ago about our house here in Florida. It's a little boring, but whatever. The thing I HATE about this page is that the rub-ons that I was using for the "commodore dr." got stuck together and ruined one letter "o," so then I didn't have enough to spell it out properly. I ended up trying to use a Q without the tail, but it didn't come out so good. Sigh. At this point, everything else was done, though, so I just have to live with it.

I made this one for a scraplift challenge at the Studio Calico blog a few weeks ago. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I used a picture from my wedding but the journaling talks about Adam and I looking back on that time from our 2nd anniversary.

I'm off to make an omelette before heading into work (yum!). Have a great weekend!

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