Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just some pages to share

I'm about to head off the Gulfarium (woo!). Well, actually, I'm about to head off to take the puppy over to Logan's house to play with Apollo while we're gone, but THEN we're on our way. Either way, I just wanted to post while I was thinking about it and share a few more pages from last week. I realized last night that I've run out of glue to put all my pages together, so even if I do make some pages this week (which I'm pretty sure I will), I won't be able to finish them all the way until I pick up some more glue. Til I get everything worked out, these will have to hold you over. :)

I think this wedding page is pretty good, just not very subtle. Big patterns, big shapes. I like it because it has the AU sign in the background and I wanted to write about how cool it was for us to get married at our university.

This one came from a sketch over at So Sketchy! Other than the fact that I ran out of room for the last word in the title, I think it's overall pretty successful.

Tomorrow will be a busy because I'm working pretty much all day, but I'll try to squeeze in some time to update about my day at the Gulfarium. Happy early Father's Day to all of the dads out there, especially the world's best one: mine.

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