Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I just woke up from the most unfulfilling nap. I feel like I have th exact same energy level as when I laid down (zip) and now my hair just looks all messy. :( At least I did get my hair cut today. I meant to take a picture but forgot, and now it's in a ponytail. I'll try to remember to post one tomorrow. Sitting here staring at my computer screen is not improving my energy level, but I've got a bunch of pages I need to post. I'll make this short and snappy.

I bought this Texas paper at the local scrapbook store I shopped at in San Antonio. I liked it, but I always have trouble using papers that have their own design elements. Anyway, I used it here on a page about 5 things we'll miss about Texas. The picture is Adam and me taking a shot in our empty townhouse the day we left. Cheers to Texas.

This page came out kind of weird I think, but I was trying to use up that green dotted paper and just wasn't feeling it. Oh well, the picture of Skelly and Apollo begging to be let out of Apollo's lot is super cute.

Time to think about dinner and plans for tonight. I'll try to be more interesting tomorrow. :)

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