Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Page count

So, apparently I'm a much better scrapbooker than I thought. Or maybe not better, but at least more prolific. I wrote a little while ago about setting a goal of 100 pages done from the time I started this blog until the end of the year. Well, I was cropping some pictures I had taken of finished pages last night, and I realized that with the pages I finished last night, I'm already up to 50. In less than two months. I'm not going to readjust my goal, yet, but I am wondering how soon before I hit that 100 mark.

In other exciting news...

Oh wait, there is no other exciting news. I do pretty much the same thing every day. And I like it that way. :) My project for today was to wash my car and re-do the Rain-X. That stuff is brilliant, but it's been a long time some I needed to reapply. Now I need to come up with some brilliant ideas for my husband's birthday on July 3 and make an awesome running playlist for 28 minutes. And, of course, upload some of my numerous pages. :)

A layout of me and Brianna, my maid of honor. It's not necessarily an AWESOME page, but it's pretty good. I cut the title with my Slice and had a little harder time since the cardstock was pretty thick.

Hmmm...the next one on my list is another wedding page. And another title cut with the Slice. I guess that's why it's more than two years later and I'm still making wedding pages; I couldn't have done it without the Slice. The American Crafts paper I got at the clearance store is helping, too.

That's about all for today. I think I might have some deeper thoughts coming tomorrow. Time alone can do that to you.

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