Friday, June 19, 2009

Blogging, I've missed you

It's amazing how a couple of days of work (even if only for four or five hours at a time) can really interrupt keeping up with your (too many) hobbies. Having some time away also made me realize that I really like blogging because I missed it. I'm glad to have today and tomorrow off to do some catching up. Maybe I shouldn't make any promises about tomorrow, though, since Will is coming over and we're heading to the Gulfarium to celebrate his birthday. I'm TOTALLY pumped for the dolphin show. :)

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Stuff just swirls around when I have alone time running, walking the dog, and when the Hallmark store is completely dead (and I've had plenty of all three recently). It's hard to put it all down in so many words, but I think I need to step back and look at the big picture more often. It's really so much easier to just put my head down and focus on the little stuff. I can handle that stuff; it doesn't require any big decisions or changes on my part. But if I lift my head in five years, where am I going to be? I need to make the moves NOW to be where I really want to be then. In terms of my money and my health, I feel like I'm actually doing pretty good right now. In terms of a job, not so good. My biggest problem is that I'm not really sure what I want to be doing five years from now. Do I want to be a teacher? Do I want to be a translator? Do I want to use my international relations degree? Is any of that even feasible here in Florida? What else is out there? I'm not really sure yet. But for the first time in awhile I'm actively thinking about it instead of burying my head in the questions that I DO have answers to.

With my working I haven't been making many scrapbook pages, but I still have some from last week to post. I'm thinking of taking a small break from scrapbooking or even just slowing down the pace a little bit to focus on other stuff I've been overlooking (like finishing book 2 of Harry Potter in French). I think it will be good, and that some time away will help me come back at scrapbooking with fresh eyes and enthusiasm. I just may not have a ton of pages to post for a bit. Until then...

This is me and Adam striking poses along the water in Cyprus. It's my own design, so everything is pretty simple.

I think this wedding page came out pretty awesome. I found this sketch at The Scrappiest and thought it would be a good way to include some of the outtakes of one of my favorite wedding photos. No journaling necessary, the title says it all.

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