Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unintentional running hiatus

The planets were aligned against me late last week. On Wednesday (a week ago) I ran as planned and everything seemed fine. Well, it was not easy, but I ran 30 minutes just fine. I planned on "officially" finishing my Couch to 5K program with a last 30 minute run on Friday. Until our house-hunting appointment at 4pm got moved to 5pm and we didn't get home til 7pm. I was hungry for dinner and there wasn't much sun left. I didn't go running. Saturday we spent with Will at the Gulfarium. I had hoped to get the run in, and even told Will to bring running shoes to come with me, but once again we got home hungry and tired and after a full day (almost all of it spent outside), a run was pretty much out of the question. And then Sunday my day was full from 8:30am as I headed to church until 7:30pm when I got home from work. No time and definitely no energy to run.

Finally, on Monday, even though I had plans for dinner with other CSO wives in our squadron, I knew I HAD to run. I went out at 4:15pm, even though the heat index was near 110. I got some BAD stomach cramps about halfway through and had to stop and walk, but when they got better I started running again and finished it out.

I HATED not running. I was so disappointed in myself for not finding a way or sucking it up and going out after work. Even though I didn't "complete" the run and the program on Monday, I was really proud of myself for doing it even though it was not that convenient and SUPER HOT. It was amazing how quickly I seemed to lose the mental momentum and positive attitude. But I'm determined to get it back just as quickly. Today, I'm going reinforce my renewed schedule. I'm going to go out and finish the whole 30 minute run. No more excuses and no more feeling guilty and unaccomplished.

In other news:

Adam and I have been doing more house shopping. It's still very much in the beginning stages. For me at least (and I think for Adam, too), I feel like we're kind of treading water and not moving forward. We haven't found anything really exciting and the homebuilders that we've talked to have not been very flexible or helpful. One of our problems is that we're pretty comfortable where we are. Sigh. I wish we could just buy this one.

On the job front, I'm still weighing the options for my next move. What I'm leaning toward is just finding a full-time job, any full-time job. The things that I'm sure I would like to do in the future (teacher, translator, European specialist) are just so few and far-between especially here in Florida. I need to be open to anything for the moment, because I never know what I might end up enjoying.

I've been reading my Harry Potter in French and still doing a little bit of scrapbooking. It feels good to be more well-rounded. I still haven't re-supplied on glue and this morning my printer ran out of color ink, so the balance is likely to stay the same for another little while. On that note, here are some of the last of the pages I have organized on my computer.

After our wedding, that is. This is the only picture I have of that day, as opposed to the 2000 I have of the day before. :) I like how I named the little "potty people" Mr. & Mrs. Dunn.

This one I had some inspiration from the Studio Calico blog. I really liked the idea of a busy pattern for the background and a solid color to hold the title. I cut the title and the green flowers with my Slice.

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