Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot chocolate and my scrapbook style

It's about 95 degrees here in my humid corner of Florida, and I just made hot chocolate. What exactly was I thinking? Well, I wanted chocolate. And I wanted my chocolate to last at least 10 minutes. :) I figured that in the long run, hot chocolate for 10 minutes would make me feel better than half a bag of chocolate chips in 10 minutes.

Not much else going on today. We had another lizard/gecko get into the house last night and this capture and release did not go as smoothly. The poor little guy lost a limb in the process. I've got today and tomorrow off, and I've been trying to get rid of the embarrassing pile of boxes that is still scattered around the house 3.5 months after we moved in. On a good day, Adam is mildly resistant to such things, but because we haven't worked out if we're going to stay here beyond the end of August, he is outwardly hostile to moving anything around or hanging anything up. :( So I've spent my day mostly catching up on laundry, reading and making a few scrapbook pages. Here are a few I've been working on. I'm back to using a lot of sketches mostly because I have a big backlog of them I'm trying to clear out. When I come across a sketch I like or a page I want to scraplift online, I open it in a new tab. Right now I've probably got more than 20 tabs open in my sketches window, so I'm trying to get that down to a more reasonable number.

I think this one came out AWESOME. I had printed the picture awhile ago because I think it's a really nice shot of me and Adam and my parents, but I struggled to come up with a title. So finally I just decided to start putting the page together and left room for a title. When I stopped worrying about it, it didn't seem like such a big deal. I just went with the next thing I thought of. I moved a few things around, but mostly stuck to this sketch.

This one is fairly simple, even more simple than the sketch I used. I'm starting to realize that "less is more" is my style, and be happy with that. When I first started looking around online at other scrapbooker's work, I was impressed by the interesting ways some people can layer all sorts of papers and extra stuff on pages. I felt like that's what I should be doing and that my pages just said "novice" all over them. But I'm not making my pages for anybody but me and my family. So if we like them, that's all that matters. The photos and the story have always been more important to me than the "art" of scrapbooking, and going simple lets me make more pages and record more memories.

Ok, stepping off my scrapbook soapbox. I've got one more load of laundry to fold.

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