Monday, June 1, 2009

Today, in a nutshell

Ok, since that last post wasn't really a post, just me being excited this morning, I figured I needed a real update.

So far my plans for today have been all kinds of screwed up. Adam was supposed to have an awkward break in his schedule late this morning, so I planned to meet him on base at the Commissary to do a big kitchen stock-up. Except, oh wait, the Commissary is closed on Mondays. What? Who does that? Mondays? Seriously? Good thing I drove all the way out to base anyway.

Things are also kind of screwy because I have an enormous blister on my left heel and I'm REALLY trying to let it heal. It seems to bother me the most when I walk, not when I run, but I don't want it to upset my running schedule. On WebMD, they recommended the best thing to do would be to let it heal on its own and just try to avoid doing what caused it in the first place. All this is to say that I didn't want to walk Skelly this morning. (Well I wanted to, but I want my blister to heal more.) Now I have to find some other way to get Skelly his exercise because believe me, an un-walked Skelly is a naughty Skelly. So I guess I'm going to take him over to Logan's where he can play with Wally and Apollo in their own personal dog park.

I would also like to get my hair cut and make a trip to Walmart to get at least SOME fresh food in this house, but the only thing I'm sure about is that I'll get in my run this evening. 25 uninterrrupted minutes. That should I'm nervous, but I'm also energized by officially registering. I'm committed.

Speaking of my desperate need for a haircut, here is a picture I took yesterday of me and my ridiculous hair. It is WAY TOO LONG for me, especially for the summer.

And finally, some pages I finished up this weekend. Both are 100% sketch free. I'm glad the turned out so well; I was starting to doubt my ability to make a decent page without starting from a sketch. :) Having fun new supplies to work with helped.

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