Monday, June 8, 2009

Another (almost) week off

Yesterday was an extremely busy day. Well, not really busy, but very full. Church in the morning, work all afternoon (got home about 7pm) and spent the evening catching up with our friend Will who was driving through town. He proved very useful when a lizard/gecko thing got in the house. He helped Adam corner it and release it back into the wild. Plus, we made plans to celebrate his birthday in 2 weeks AND he signed up to run in the 4th of July 5K with me and Adam. Yay! I'm sure I'll need all the extra support I can get.

So anyway, today is the perfect compliment to yesterday. The first of four days off, I have plenty of time to catch up on the things I missed yesterday (like blogging), and it makes me appreciate my alone time at home. I'm looking forward to finishing the laundry, getting some scrapping done, running for 25 minutes, and FINALLY watching the French Open finals that we Tivo'ed. I've been so good at avoiding the news to not find out the winner, but I don't know how much longer I can hold out. No basketball tonight = the perfect time to catch up.

At what post would be complete without a sample of my latest scrapbook pages? I definitely couldn't wait to dig my hands into the clearance store goodies.

I love this picture and this page, other than the angry guy in the background of the picture. Oh well, there was really no good way to crop him out. I cut the title and the journaling spot with my Slice.

I'm really happy with this one, too. I wrote the journaling all around the edge, so it's kind of hard to read (you have to keep turning the page), but I think it LOOKS really cool.

Thanks for looking!

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