Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is it Monday yet?

I know most people hate Mondays, but since tomorrow is my day off I'm very anxious for it's arrival. I knew that working Black Friday would be hectic, but I wasn't really ready for Saturday night. Since the mall was open until 10 (which it really didn't need to be, but that's another story), and since there were about 10 extra figures I had to tally and call in to the district manager, we didn't clock out until 10:59. I didn't get home to my Skelly until 11:40. That may sound lame to some people (or a lot of people), but that's past my normal bedtime. I was wiped out.

Needless to say, I'm not super excited about going in today at 1. But I am super excited about keeping my job and making money, so I'll go do my best to make "genuine" connections with our customers. Overall, I really do like my job and know that there are a lot worse ways that I could be earning a buck. I shouldn't complain.

I've still got Thanksgiving and thankfulness on the brain, and I just have to say that there's not really much to complain about in my life at all. I am extremely blessed and I know it. The things that do bug me are the little things. The big things in my life are great: Adam, Skeletor, our families and close friends, our home, our jobs, our plans.

OK, that's about enough sappiness for one post. I'd better post some scrapbook pages quick to change the subject.
Sidenote: These photos are only slightly better than the last batch I posted. My photography skills seem to be regressing somewhat recently. It might have something to do with the constant battle over batteries I've been having with my camera.

OK, the colors came out a little weird in this photo, but I really like this page overall. It's a funny picture of Adam and the other seniors in his ROTC detachment on their last day of LLAB. I used my new FaLaLa design card to make the title. I like that it's definitely good for more than holiday pages.

I wish this picture was better because I LOVE this page (or 2 pages, I guess). I found just any random picture from every year that we've been together and the page just kind of fell into place with some scraps I had.

OK, time for lunch and then I'm out of here. Only one more day til Monday!

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