Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too busy...

But that's a good thing.

I've been running around pretty steadily since Adam left, and it's made the time in this first week fly by pretty quickly. Now I have about an hour until I have to leave for work (with a quick stop at base on the way), so I thought i should at least start writing an update here.

Keeping in touch with Adam has been better than expected. We can write emails back and forth really easily and we've even webcammed to see each other face-to-face twice already. Skelly has been doing a good job as the deputy man-of-the-house, especially yesterday when I had to leave him for 13 hours while I was in Panama City for Will's graduation and didn't make any messes or have any trouble.

Speaking of Will's graduation, it was a really nice time. I got to meet his parents and his cousin and we all had a good time just hanging out and going to dinner. Adam was there in spirit and on a stick. Unfortunately, in my rush to get out the door on time I forgot my camera at home so I'll have to rely on the kindness of Will's mom to forward me some of the shots that she took. They'll be in town for another few days, so I might get a chance to see them again later this week. That would be nice, and I'm so glad I have friends like Will close by to keep me from being a social hermit.

I have managed to start a couple of new scrapbook pages with my Disney pages but I don't have pictures taken or edited yet. Did I mention that I've been busy lately? Well anyway, I've got some pages that I finished up before my parents' visit to share first anyway.

This is one of my recent favorites and is hanging in a place of honor on my curtain rods right now. It took about 10 minutes to put together with just a couple pieces of paper and stickers. I love when they're easy but I still love the finished product.

This is a great picture of Adam's Mom and Grandma. We had a full day of walking around Fort Walton Beach and Destin and it was HOT that day. Our relaxing dinner at McGuire's was especially welcome that night. :)

Well, how about that? I actually managed to finish this post before work. I'm quite proud of myself. Now I just have to feed the dog and head out the door. :)

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