Monday, August 23, 2010

Oil change fail

Adam and I stayed in yesterday with the idea that we would go out to run our errands today. (I am off and he was scheduled to fly at night.) I had my doubts about getting Adam up and out of the house relatively early on a Monday morning, but we actually had the car loaded up with Goodwill donations and were on the road just after 10. About a mile away from home, though, we heard this really weird announcement on the radio. The local car dealership group (where we happened to be heading for an oil change in my car), was closed for the day in honor of their founder's death in 1983. It was totally bizarre and completely screwed up our plans. Even covering all the bases of our other errands and grabbing some lunch at Panera, we were home by 12:30. But now I have to go to the dealership after work tomorrow for the oil change, and also find time to vote in the Florida primary. Looks like I'd better tuck in the puggles and get ready for bed pretty soon. I don't really do well with less than 8 full hours of sleep. Adam prefers 10, but he's also extremely lazy. :) Of course, I can't sign off without posting some new pages.

I got these pictures of Adam's mom and Aunt Nancy while they were visiting this past April. I decided to use a ready-made sticker for the title, so it came together nice and easy. :)

This is a repost to see if Blogger is still messing up this picture from a previous post.

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