Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life is good today

I was feeling kind of crappy most of this past week. Not like totally crappy, but definitely a little. Adam was gone Monday throughout Friday. I got some disappointing news on Thursday. The weather was oppressively humid and it rained at least a little bit every day. I had headaches and sneezes and I generally felt on the verge of being sick.

I cant really put my finger on why, but today is better. The weather is still pretty gloomy, and my headache is still pretty much here. Yeah, Adam is here and that's nice, but he's currently ignoring me to get his schoolwork done and posted before dinner.

I think its mostly attitude. Today, I'm looking around at my life, and I just can't complain. There is a lot to be said for time spent watching your little dog play with a tennis ball. Or for comforting your big one when thunderclaps turn him into a shaking mess. In moments like this, it's so clear that life is really good.

You'd think that between this blog and all these scrapbook pages I wouldn't have to keep reminding myself. :)

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