Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I want to remember

I read an article in Newsweek today about the decline in blogging and other user-generated content (like wikipedia) on the web. It suggested that while contributing to the "greater good" of free online content was fun for awhile, now it just seems like work. It concluded that there needs to be some kind of compensation (special perks and access, if not cold hard cash) to keep the up the rate of publishing we're used to.

It got me started thinking about my own - too often neglected - blog. It doesn't necessarily fit into the context of the Newsweek article because it would be quite a stretch to claim any sort of regular "readership" on this blog. But the concept of compensation does apply. I blog because I am compensated. The problem is that the "compensation" is just for me, and it's delayed. What do get in exchange for the time I spend blogging? I get the opportunity to reflect and remember what my life was like and what was on my mind weeks, months, even a year ago. Since the payoff is some date in the future, I sometimes forget how valuable it is. This blog is a lot different from my scrapbooks, even if they serve a similar purpose sometimes.

The article said that between 75-90% of blogs are abandoned after a year. Basically, it renewed my resolve not to be one of those blogs. I want to remember today. I want to remember waking up early. I want to remember how much I like walking the dogs on trash day because I always have somewhere to dump their poop bags. I want to remember marking down candy 40% off at work. I want to remember using hand sanitizer like crazy and popping vitamin C because I'm starting to feel a little sick. I want to remember mowing the lawn even though I didn't really want to. I want to remember how awesome it is to be covered in puggles (or CIP as we call it in this overly-acronymed household) right now.

Oh yeah, and I want to remember these scrapbook pages. :)

I cut out some interior shots of Adam's new car from the brochure he got to make this page. I tried to keep it pretty plain to look manly.

This page was fun to make. I used a bunch of the newest stuff I had (it's hard to tell from the picture, but the background is a subtle, shiny gold), and the picture is a funny outtake in the bright sun this past Easter.

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