Monday, October 26, 2009


So....only one person from work managed to come by yesterday. That kind of hurt. Especially with Adam being gone. It's going to be a tough deployment if every day feels like this. I just have to remember that it won't. That I'll be busy with work and preparing for the holidays and two months is not a very long time at all. And I'm lucky that I've got my scrapbooking hobby and all of my old albums to looks through to remind me of good times spent together.

Today I'm going to keep working on eating the "party" leftovers, finish my laundry, get a new book at the library and maybe even get a haircut. If I'm really motivated, I might even start trying to unpack some books in the office/reading room.

I'll even post some scrapbook pages to get me in the happy memory mood.

This is a lovely (or at least decent) addition to the study abroad album. I used this sketch from So Sketchy!

I love these pictures on this page because I feel like they really give an idea of Skelly's personality. He LOVES to be the center of attention and get right in the middle of whatever you're doing. He's so obvious about what he wants, and it's so heartwarming to be loved so...insistently.

Even though it's so simple, I love how this page came out. I based it on this page I found online, and I feel like all the pieces are there that need to be. A funny picture like this one of Adam and Briana at Wurstfest should speak for itself.

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