Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall is here!

I had begun to lose hope that this day would ever arrive here in Florida, but finally it seems like autumn has arrived. I'm currently curled up in my desk chair wearing sweatpants and hoodie while Skeletor is cuddled in the blanket on our bed. Yes folks, for the first time in God only know how many months, we actually needed something more than a sheet overnight. I'm excited. Fall is my favorite season. My biggest hope would be that the weather stays like this until April when it warms up for spring and just skips over winter. That's not that outrageous in Florida, so we'll see.

Running in the cooler air is something new for me though. I started my Couch to 5K program in April, so it had only been warm and then HOT before. I might have to look into more cool weather gear, since I'm definitely getting excited for my 2nd 5K in November. Adam said he would come out and run with me before the football game tonight. :)

I'm off today so I'm taking it easy, but kind of tidying up the house since hopefully we'll get to hang out with Briana tonight. She is coming to Pensacola to do her water survival training Tuesday-Thursday, and we're hoping to spend most of the evenings while she's here together. Yay! I think James is going to come over tonight, too, so it'll be a mini-reunion. memories....

Anyway, I'm about to go search for some lunch, but first I'll upload some pages I've still got clogging up my computer.

These pictures are from WAYYYY back (you know, Christmas 2007). I LOVE pictures of baby Skeletor. I think I used one of the sketches at Pink Sketches, but I don't have it bookmarked so I don't remember which one.

See? I told you I love pictures of baby Skeletor. This one is funny because he's wearing a t-shirt that we couldn't resist buying (it said "naughty" on the back - too appropriate), and it was the first time we realized that our cute little puggle was a little too thick in the middle for dog clothes. Since then, his wardrobe has mostly consisted of the occasional bandana.

I used a bunch of scraps I had left-over on this page. I like it, but it's a little matchy-matchy. I really like the picture of Mom and Dad wearing headsets in Adam's SIM complex, though.

Alright, tummy is growling so I guess I'd better get in the kitchen.

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