Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Back!

And better than ever!

Ok, probably not better than ever. Probably just about as good as I ever was. But I am back! And that's something.

I didn't really intend to neglect my blog for two (gasp!) months. As usual, real life just got in the way. Adam came home soon after my last post, and life was pretty hectic as we got used to living with each other again. Then I had a little glitch with Blogger. Something in my cookies got messed up, and anytime I tried to reach any website I got a "Bad Request" message. Instead of dealing with it promptly, I got caught up celebrating Valentine's Day (chocolate fondue is dangerously delicious), interviewing for a new job in Tampa, and adopting another puggle. Oh yeah, and I turned 25 somewhere in there. Finally, a few days ago Adam cleared out the cookies from my computer and magically made Blogger work again.

Beyond this post, I'm not really going to try to look back and cover the time that I missed. I'll be moving forward from here on out. But until next time, here's a few pictures of Willow, the newest member of our family. I've already started on a few scrapbook pages about her, and I'll have those ready to share soon.

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