Monday, March 22, 2010

Scrapbook pages and a new plan

For the past few days, I've been working on slowly getting my life more organized again. Now, I need action, not just planning.

First of all, I want my pictures/scrapbooks/blog postings/online galleries to be more organized. And I want to make sure that everything gets shared. Considering all the photos I have (not to mention scrapbook pages), this is pretty daunting. But you've always got to start somewhere. With that in mind, here are some recent pages I took pictures of yesterday:

See, I told you I was working on pages of our new baby girl. This is a collage of photos all taken in her first weekend with us. It was fun to make a page so pink and girly. :)

This one is not nearly as girly, but I think it still showcases her personality. She loves attention.

I figured I'd better post this one with the others to make my coverage a little more balanced. This blog is called "Skeletor's Mommy" after all. I guess I might have to consider changing it to "Puggle Mommy" or something like that. Just doesn't sound quite as badass, though.

Now beyond pictures/scrapbooking, I'm also reorganizing. I want to make more time in my life for fitness/running again. Walking the 5K with our dogs was fun, but it made me realize that I've let myself get too far out of the shape I got into last summer. I want to get back there and to run another race. There's one scheduled here on Navarre beach on May 1st (right before Adam leaves again), so I think I'm setting my sights on that. If I can finish it in about the same time my first race, I'll be happy. Heck, if I can stay on my feet for 3.1 miles, I'll be happy. :)

So today is my day off and I'm going to spend time editing and updating my online files and go out for a short run. Wish me luck. :)

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