Sunday, March 21, 2010

5K with dogs

Yesterday was fun.

We took the dogs to Destin for a 5K "Run with the Dogs." We signed up as walkers, though, since the dogs are not used to running with us (and because I haven't been running myself in far too long). Our friend Lauren brought her beagle, Jack, and we all had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather. I think it's a good thing we signed up to walk. Between two poops a piece from Skelly and Jack, innumerable potty stops, and long breaks at the water station, we ended up pretty much pulling up the rear of the pack. We still ended up finishing in just over an hour, which I think is a pretty good pace, all things considered.

Here are some before pics:

Adam pinning on his bib. We were numbers 127 & 128. Oddly enough, I was number 126 in my 4th of July 5K.

Sniffing out the competition at the start line.

I snapped these next ones during the race:

Adam and Lauren.

Our puppy pack.

The ladies (and Jack).

We took some cute pictures afterward, too, when we got free water, apples and bananas:

Retrieving our bags with our free t-shirts. Too bad their long-sleeved, so I only have about 3 more days this year that I can maybe wear it.

Happy and tired Adam, Willow and Skeletor.

Fabulous picture of Lauren and Jack.

Puggles love bananas.

Finally, we capped off the day by grabbing lunch for us at McAlister's Deli and stopping by the Dog Bakery in Fort Walton Beach to get our puggles a little treat (banana peanut butter ice cream):

Waiting impatiently for the first lick.

Digging in with abandon.

I love the name they gave the ice cream: Nutty Monkey. :)

After lunch at home I took a nap for an hour and then got up to go to work. This morning my legs are just a little bit sore, but our fun day yesterday was totally worth it. Sorry for so many pictures, I just wanted to post them before I forgot. Tomorrow I'm off so I'll try to be back with some scrapbook pages.

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