Thursday, March 25, 2010

The planets are aligned against me...

Let me give you an idea of how my day has been going so far:

On our walk this morning, Skeletor managed to pee all over HIS LITTLE SISTER.

Yes, one of my dogs peed all over the other one. Truly, it was more Willow's fault since Skelly was mid-pee when she literally just walked right into it. But still. On top of that, I fell on my ass because I slipped on gravel as I tried to stop them from pulling, started crying on the walk because I was so frustrated at the dogs and, as a result of the first incident, I had to spend 30 minutes when I got home giving them impromptu baths. Sigh.

Beyond that little bout of crying, I've been really trying not to let this all get to me. I started out the day cranky because I got my work schedule for the next week and it turns out that tomorrow is my only day off until Adam's Mom comes to visit for Easter. (I also have to work the first 2 days she's here.) I know I have a lot to do to clean up the house and clear out space in the "office," but I realized that being pissed off about it makes an annoying task even more annoying. I promised myself that I would do all that I could, and make sure I had "me" time to go running (which I don't always love when I'm doing it, but that makes me so happy to have accomplished). At 11:30, just as I stepped outside to run, it started raining. Hard. Sigh. I came inside and did a 15 minute TV-workout.

My work schedule, the dogs, this rain. I feel like everything is aligned against me. I'm getting a little tired of making lemonade out of these lemons. At the same time, looking back on this morning, staying relatively positive is the accomplishment I'm most proud of. Yes, I vented in this blog post, gritted my teeth more than my dentist would appreciate, and let a few tears roll out, but I also did everything I set out to do and more. I didn't abandon our leash training on the walk; I didn't ignore the dirty dog; I didn't just change out of my running clothes and mope around on the couch. Those are all things that make me proud.

I also got some more pages ready to post, so even if this isn't a very good transition, I want to get them posted:

A Pre-Willow page of Adam and Skeletor at home. I usually don't use a lot of yellow, but I love how this came out.

I love this picture of Adam and our friend Lauren. I just wrote a little bit about how it's nice to be friends with another puppy mommy down here. My favorite part of the page is the layered flower I made with my Slice. It's simple, but the colors make it more funky.

That's all for now, I'm heading into work in just a few minutes. I sincerely hope that the planets are more friendly this afternoon and evening. Please?

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