Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's oops spelled backwards.

When you watch as much tennis as I have in the past 3 days, these are the kind of gems you pick up. These commentators are on-air for like 14 hours everyday, and there's really ONLY SO MUCH meaningful information to convey. When they start to get off script, things get more interesting. :) I was giggling all morning over "spoo."

Haven't been doing much other than working in the past few days. I did get some loose pages put away and my scrapbooks more organized. I love how neat they look filling up my bookcase. :)

Skelly was an exceptional bed hog last night. I mean, he's ALWAYS a bed hog, but this morning I ended up squished all the way over to Adam's side of the bed. How does that happen? He's only two feet long? On a related note, he has no idea that Daddy is about to come home and kick him out of our big comfy bed at night. Poor guy.

I edited some more scrapbook pages, but the photos didn't come out very well. :( I really do want to get better, so I'm going to try some new things (like using a tripod) next time.

I love the colors on this page about one of Skelly's best friends, Jack.

This page makes me happy; it's just really simple, but really fun to look at. I used my Slice on some scraps I had to make the flowers, plus some buttons and letter stickers and that's it. The story that the picture tells (this gatorade jug was the closest thing to a vase I had for my birthday flowers last year because we had moved just 2 days before) really makes me smile, too.

Well, dinner is over and Skelly is happily chewing up a toy. I have tomorrow off to clean up and be useful. Tonight I'm going to catch up on my blog reading and watch more tennis. :)

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