Monday, January 18, 2010

Really, Nadal?

Pink and orange? Really? Who convinced you that that was a good fashion statement for the Australian Open? I mean, I know you're into bright colors and not afraid to wear pink, but come on. This is just painful to look at.

Alright, rant accomplished. I opened up this window to update my blog and at that exact moment, Raphael Nadal made his Australian Open debut. His wardrobe choice simply could not go unmentioned. In other tennis news, WTF Sharapova? Way to lose in the first round and look like an a-hole after signing a huge new contract with Nike. I love tennis. :)

I heard on the radio that today (January 18th) is the most depressing day of the year. Something to do with the holidays ending, debt piling up and cold weather/short days. For me, today was a great day. First, the weather was beautiful (high up to around 60). Then, I took Skelly to the vet for a vaccine and he was sweet and well-behaved. :) After lunch (and Nadal fashion-bashing), I went shopping. I didn't get a ton of stuff, (Why is dark brown cardstock so hard to come by? Can anyone explain that to me?) but it's always fun to browse.I decided to work on organizing my new stuff tonight rather than make some new pages. Here are a few I made yesterday that I'm pretty happy with.

I think this one is based on a sketch over at Sketchy Thursdays, but I don't remember which one. Oops.

This one is absolutely my new favorite. I used a sketch from Becky Higgins in an old Creating Keepsakes (Oct. '08 maybe?) that my mom got for me this past Christmas. I love the pictures, the paper, the design, the story, everything. Oh, and the cookies we made were pretty delicious, too. It all just makes me smile. Nothing to feel depressed about for me today. :)

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