Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I intended to write more on that last post, I really did. Somehow, it got published right after I wrote the title, and I didn't really have the interest in going back and editing it. Oops.

I was really frustrated that day because I wanted to play with scrapbooking stuff and I couldn't print any new pictures. I just couldn't get interested in other stuff around the house (especially not the mopping I really need to do), and I felt weird most of the day. I did have a great conversation with my friend Brianna from high school. (Hi, Brianna! Now I know that you are reading my super-nerdy blog.)

Yesterday was a good day to kind of "reboot" things. I worked most of the day, then came home for a run before dinner. I had some really bad stomach cramps about halfway through. I had to walk it out for 7-ish minutes, but I was able to finish pretty strong. :) Then, I made a nice dinner (pizza and roasted tomatoes) and watched tennis/basketball with my puggles. Tennis is definitely their favorite sport; tennis balls are their favorite balls. :)

Today is another day off, and I'm finally getting around to mopping that floor. With a few breaks for tennis and blogging, of course. Adam will be very pleased to learn that Safina lost in her first round match yesterday; she looked straight AWFUL. It's all payback for the smug attitude she had last year when she was #1 over Serena. She's just a whiny little Russian who chokes when it really matters. On the flip side, I totally have a little tennis crush on Jo-Wilfried Tsonga this year. A.) He's French B.) He's cuddly-looking C.) Instead of signing his name on the TV camera after his win in the 2nd round, he wrote "Love you, Mom!" How adorable is that?

Finally, I bought a card reader for my camera! Yay! This post is not lame! Here are some pictures of my flowers/garden that I took a couple weeks ago. Now, I guess I should go take some new ones to see how everything has grown.

Wandering Jew hanging basket

My raised bed vegetable garden

Close-up on the bell pepper plants in the corner

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  1. Garden looks real good.My only concern is no hot peppers.Nice to read you were in touch with Brianna (my other daughter) ...AT LEAST I HEAR FROM YOU MORE.I am really interested in how she is doing and where she is living these days.Looking forward to your visit soon. Love you....your secret daddy