Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mom's Video

I want to keep this quick, so I'll post it rundown style:

  • I'm off today, hooray! I got in a (relatively) quick run this morning, and now I'm getting ready to pack a lunch and take the puggles to the dog beach in Pensacola. It's been a long time since Skeletor last went and Willow has never been. It should be interesting trying to wrangle them and all of our stuff by myself.
  • It is HOT in Florida.
  • Still no card reader, therefore no pictures, but I did make this short little video for my Mom. That's totally not lame. :)

Hooray for the weekend!

p.s. Dad, your video is one second longer than Mom's. I believe that is a statistically insignificant amount of variation, so scientifically, they are the same. :)

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